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About Us



Manna Distributors can trace its roots back to 1978, when brothers-in law Rick Nahman and Wayne Maltz founded a Company named Red Tag Appliances. Red Tag was a retail appliance and electronics dealer. Red Tag sold and delivered major household appliances and consumer electronics, such as refrigerators, ranges, cook-tops, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, big-screen TVs, Betamax and VHS players. Red Tag sold all the popular brands of the time. Red Tag had 5 Houston locations at one point in time. They were scattered throughout the Greater Houston Metro. They functioned as both showrooms and warehouse facilities.
Red Tag’s showrooms were open to the retail public. They were a place where one could browse the latest in appliances and electronics. They were also used to ship and receive products for will-call and delivery. Red Tag changed business models and names in 1983. The business model changed from retail to builder. The name changed from Red Tag Appliances to Manna Distributors. Red Tag changed business models to reduce overhead. Sales were down due to the “Houston Oil Bust”. Consumers had stopped spending and new home construction was at a halt. The market for major household appliances and electronics had slowed down significantly.
Manna also saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on the builder relationships it had made over the past few years. Builders were better sales targets, because they had the ability to purchase thousands of appliances per year as opposed to only a few.
Manna shuttered its 5 Houston locations and made staff changes. Manna moved all of its operations to a single, larger facility in a warehouse business park. It needed adequate warehousing space, but it did not rely on a retail presence anymore. Manna hired outside sales representatives to call on Builders. It would no longer rely on showroom salesmen.
The name Manna Distributors was derived from a combination the founders’ last names and its play-on-word meaning. The first two letters of each of the founders’ last names were “MA” and “NA” and an extra “N” was added. Manna was also the miraculous food that God gave the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land. Much like the miraculously large selection of brands and types of appliances that Manna Distributors would sell.
Wayne Maltz left the Company in 1985. Rick Nahman continued on as Manna Distributors’ President, a role he held for many years. Today he is succeeded at this position by his son, Alan Nahman.


Manna Distributors has grown its product portfolio over the years. The Company now sells and install both foodservice equipment and commercial laundry equipment;
Manna’s residential appliance product portfolio consists of the following types of equipment: cleaning, coffee, cooking, home products, outdoor, refrigeration, ventilation, and water products. Manna's foodservice equipment product portfolio consists of the following types of equipment: warewashing, beverages, cooking, baking, ventilation, preparation, refrigeration, icemaking, sinks, tables, faucets, serving/displaying, counter-top, storing, holding, specialty, and stainless.
Manna's commercial laundry equipment product portfolio consists of the following types of equipment: OPL washers, OPL dryers, and presses. Manna Distributors sells many different brands, ranging from ultra-luxury to apartment-grade. Some of the residential appliance brands it sells are Gaggenau, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele, Viking, Monogram, Café, Hestan, Fisher & Paykel, DCS, Thermador, Bosch, Bertazzoni, AGA, LaCornue, Alfresco, Lynx, Marvel, U-Line, and Perlick.
Some of the foodservice equipment brands it sells are Southbend, Pitco, CaptiveAire, Rationale, Turbo Chef, ACP, Carter Hoffman, Metro, American Range, Continental, TRUE, Turbo Air, Everest, ThermalRite, Oscartek, Globe, APW Wyott, Atlas, Savannah, Advanced Tabco, Meiko, Jackson, Salvajor, Hoshizaki, and Manitowoc.
Manna has also grown its service portfolio. Manna now offers both repair and preventative maintenance services for this equipment it sells. This includes maintaining and repairing commercial cooking, refrigeration, icemakingwarewashing, and ventilation equipment. Manna is an authorized warranty service provider for most manufacturers.


Manna Distributors is focused on growing. The Company is investing money in both facilities and people. Manna Distributors is currently building out a two-story facility located in the Upper Kirby District. The Company is also investing in its current warehouse facility. The new facility will house a first-of-a-kind showroom concept named CookChill; whereas, the investment in the current facility will support an increase in business and capabilities.
CookChill will be the ultimate display of residential appliances and foodservice equipment ever seen. There will be more than 20 residential and commercial kitchens under one roof, including a gelateria and pizzeria. All of the kitchens will be live, with power, gas, water, drains, and ventilation. The CookChill concept is to sell high-end equipment by displaying and demonstrating it best. The design will provide the ultimate backdrop for the equipment on display. The large number and variety of high-end brands and types of equipment on display will be first of a kind. The ability to prepare, store, and cook in every kitchen will enable the most informed purchases decisions.
The design will be modern and sublime. The overall space will have a museum-like quality that invites one in and invites further investigation of the equipment on display. The individual kitchens will blend perfectly into the landscape, yet each will have its own identity. The materials used throughout will be the finest quality. The highest end brands will be on display at CookChill. There will also be several exclusive brands on display. There will also be a large number of brands on display. There will also be both residential brands and commercial brands on display in the same setting.
There is also a large variety of equipment on display at CookChill. There will be cooking, cleaningventilationpreparationrefrigeration, and display equipment of various types on view. There will also be both residential and commercial equipment types on display. CookChill’s best feature is that all the equipment inside its walls are live. This means that they are all hooked to power, gas, water, drains, and ventilation. The equipment will be used for preparing, refrigerating, and cooking food to demonstrate its capabilities.
CookChill will host regular events to demonstrate the capabilities of its equipment: chef battles, product launches, CEUs, tours, buyer appreciations, cooking demos, food tastings, charity events, etc. We hope that our products and services inspire you for years to come!
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