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Our History

Manna Distributors - then known as Red Tag Appliances - was founded in 1978. The Company operated under the name Red Tag Appliances for five years. In 1983 the Company changed its name. Manna Distributors has been in business for almost four decades now.

Manna Distributors was co-founded by brothers-in-law Richard “Rick” Nahman and Wayne Maltz. Wayne left the Company in 1983 and Rick continued on as Manna Distributors' President, a role he held for many years. Today he is succeeded at this position by his son, Alan Nahman.

Red Tag Appliances was a retail appliance and electronics dealer. Red Tag sold major household appliances and consumer electronics, such as refrigerators, ranges, cook-tops, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, washer, dryers, big-screen TVs, Betmax and VHS players. Red Tag sold several major brands from its five Greater Houston Metro Area Showrooms.

Manna Distributors was a wholesale appliance dealer and installer. Manna sold a large line of residential appliances brands to Builders. Manna achieved success doing this by hiring outside sales representatives and by building a state-of-the-art showroom.

Manna Distributors still sells to Builders and it still operates one showroom, but Manna is a different business than it used to be. Today, Manna sells to all different types of customers: builders, homeowners, and businesses. Manna also provides more services than it used to: restaurant equipment installs, commercial laundry equipment installs, and equipment service (preventative maintenance and repairs).

Manna Distributors sells and installs all different types and grades of residential appliances and restaurant equipment. Manna also sells and installs a few lines of commercial laundry equipment.

Manna Distributors sells and installs residential appliances: free-standing appliances, built-in appliances, ventilation appliances, panel-ready appliances, and outdoor kitchen appliances. Manna sells and installs restaurant equipment: refrigeration systems, hood systems, fire-suppression systems, and beverage systems. Manna sells and installs commercial laundry equipment: hard and soft-mount OPL washers, OPL dryers, ironers, and presses.

Manna Distributors also provides equipment services, such as preventative maintenance and repair services. Manna maintains commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment as well as icemakers. Manna also repairs all of these equipment types. Manna is an authorized warranty service provider for most manufacturers. Manna can also provide out-of-warranty service for virtually every manufacturer in the business.

Manna Distributors continues to evolve. Manna is building a state-of-the-art showroom, set to open in early 2018, that will increase both its residential appliances business and its restaurant equipment business. This new showroom is a one-of-a-kind concept that will feature more than 20 displays of fully-functioning residential and commercial kitchens. These displays will be used for demonstration and for entertainment purposes. There will always be something cooking at the Manna showroom.

We hope that our products and services inspire you for years to come.

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